Forrest changed their name in 2020. Earlier publications appear under their old name, ‘Joshua Storrs.’
Between High and Low Tide
Dark Lane Anthology, Volume 9, in Fall 2020
Short Story
The Puppet‑King
Typehouse, issue 18, in January 2020
Short Story
A Statue of a Crazed Horse
Jersey Devil Press, issue 103, in January 2019
Nominated for the Pushcart Prize
Flash Fiction
You and Me, on a Train, Chewing Gum
Wizards in Space, issue 5, in March 2020
Published in Yours Truly Zine, in May 2019
Flash Fiction
Red Bill's Blood Quest
Barren Magazine, issue 7, in March 2019
Short Story
Cotton Cobwebs
Shirley Magazine, issue 13, in April 2019
Flash Fiction